Connecticut is the American state located in the New England region. Connecticut is a state with strong colonial background bordering states such as Rhode Island and New York. Connecticut can be found in the northeastern America, and the population of the state is the fourth highest in the country with over three and a half million residents. Connecticut is one of the states that enjoys all the four seasons throughout the year. Cold winter contrasts with the state’s hot summers but perhaps the most suitable season during which to visit is autumn.

The fall foliage in the state is legendary with beautiful colors appearing at the treetops in mid-September. Connecticut has played a significant role in the history of America. It had a large part in the progression in the federal government. It is rich with history; along with the natural beauty and tranquility of the state, help makes it an attractive location for visitors.

What to do in Connecticut? 
From farmers market to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center Connecticut is one great place to be outside. Connecticut is well known for its delicious seafood fair whether it is offered up in one of the state’s many restaurants or you get it straight out of the water yourself; there is enough for everyone. The falls season is another great time to visit Connecticut. Try visiting one of the Connecticut’s various orchards, get lost in the corn maze, and pick apples straight from the tree or even grab a freshly made apple pie to take it home to the family.

In the month of October, the entire family can enjoy choosing their pumpkins right out of the patch. Connecticut is also home to aquariums and zoos where visitors can see beluga whales, tigers, and countless other fascinating wildlife. The state’s natural beauty and distinct seasons make Connecticut a great place to be at, whether it is sports, seafood, or the sunshine.

Must-see attractions of Connecticut

Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration:
It is one of the famous aquariums in the state because it is a home to such unique species Steller sea lions and beluga whales that are unique to find throughout the country. Mystic Aquarium is located in the Mystic. Besides the oceanic exhibits in the aquarium, the museum also attracts visitors through a massive 4D Theater. Exploring with family is perfect.

Mark Twain House:
It is a former residence of Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) in the late 1800s. The house is built in a quite attractive gothic style. Mark Twain while living at the house has had wrote quite many of the memoirs, stories, and novels such as the Prince &the Pauper, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Tramp Abroad, and Life on the Mississippi. Visitors can explore the residency t learn more about the celebrity Mark Twain.

Mohegan Sun:
It is an entertainment and must-visit tour attraction in the state of Connecticut. Mohegan Sun is also a casino and a hotel. Visitors can explore this magnificent landmark and enjoy at its entertainment complex with theaters and auditoriums for the live performances.

Traveling and vacation enjoyment is a great experience in this monotonous life. But different problems related to trip making become a hard nut to crack in the absence of travel agents. For smooth journeys, time-saving plans and non-stop relaxation, travel agents have respectable roles. But all travel services are not equal in quality, customer-relations, and results. Before you pick up an agent for your vacation to some perfect place like the USA; you must keep in mind a few key points mentioned in the article. These tips will help you to go with an excellent travel agency.

1. Pick up Online Travel Agents
When there was no internet, the value of travel services was greater. The advent of the internet brought online travel services that are equally advantageous. They are a wonderful source of information and helpful to solve your travel issues and make the trip smoother.

2. List Making
If you are going to make your travel easier and smoother through a travel agent, make a list of needed things like;

 Price range of the tour
 Date and place for trip
 List of travel services in your locality
 Question list

3. Be Polite in Answering their Questions

Every professional travel service asks some question before planning your trip just as, “why and where are you going?”, “what is your financial plan?”, “how do you like to go?”, “how long will you stay there?” and other questions like this. If you want your travel agent to plan a trip according to your budget and needs, just be courteous and honest in replying to those questions.

4. Consider Your Needs
Professional travel services take into consideration your needs so that your trip don’t bother you in any regard at any stage of traveling. So, it is essential to recognize your needs prior you hire a professional. The most important considerations include your destination, budget, stay duration and other things related to your journey and destination.

5. Ask Questions
Your hired professional must answer you the question below, be ready to ask that;

 What type of travel do they specialize in?
 Which services do they cost and what is the cost?
 When can you contact them in every 24 hours?

These questions must be asked because there are some points travel agents don’t directly tell you unless you ask just as hidden charges. Sometimes, the travel services charge you besides the commission they receive from your total expense, they will not tell you unless you make them tell. So, all three questions in the list are must-asked.

6. Final Guideline
When you begin discussion upon the travel options with your travel service, keep in mind the final guideline below;

 Never rely upon verbal agreements alone.
 Bear in mind that the accommodation in the mail looking highly impressive might not be a true copy of your real accommodation.
 Don’t overlook paperwork, read it cautiously before signing, especially if it is a matter of package deals.

When hearing the word New Orleans, the first thing that comes to your mind is the word ‘Music&’. It is mainly because the New Orleans has played a vital role in originating the Jazz into the world. Started as small bands playing on the streets, soon the music scene became more of a traditional value to the city, the music culture started to bloom. A lot of big names in the music industry were originally from New Orleans; that wouldn’t come as a surprise. Music has played a unique role in the history of New Orleans. The city was founded in 1718 as part of the French Louisiana Colony and by the early 1800’s; European, Latin, and African culture have collided in a musical frenzy.

During this era, New Orleans was the only city in the United States of America that allowed the African-American slaves to congregate and perform live music in the public places. This freedom resulted in traditional European dance tunes being spiced up with African rhythms, a fusion that played a major role in the birth of Jazz, one of the city’s great gifts to the planet. Jazz fest is an event held in New Orleans each spring. It attracts hundreds even thousands of visitors to the city from all over the world each year.

Get to enjoy the music on the streets:
The tradition of celebrating music in public places lives on to this day with brass bands taking their music out to the streets and adding to the joyful sound of the city. The Story ville Stompers Brass Band formed in 1981 and still performs on the open streets of the New Orleans. Even if you are not a fan of the Jazz music, you will catch yourself humming and gently stroking your foot on the beat of the music that has showcased live on the streets.

Music after the sun goes down:
At the night time, Dancing, Drinking, and listening to Music is as natural to the residents as breathing air. There is an abundance of small pubs that host small gigs of the local music talent; it goes great with the food. The jazz music is not just a fad for the pubs but also exotic restaurants present a live taste of the music to their guests. Live music is just not a core of the city’s celebrated nightlife, but rather a keystone to its character as well, whether it is brass bands, jazz, RnB, or Funk, Music is sound where the New Orleans begins.

I recently made a short trip to the Niagara Falls, on the US side. It was indeed a sight to behold. I think the American side of the Niagara Falls is quite impressive and serene and is much closer to the Falls than from the Canadian side of the Falls. As much fun as the Canadian side of the Falls can be I don’t think it is as serene as the American side of the Falls. However, the Canadian side seems to have a slight edge over the American side of the Niagara Falls, as regards getting a full view of the Falls. Firstly, you get to see clearly all three of the falls (the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls) from the Canadian side than you would from the American side. It is such a panorama to behold. Secondly, the rainbow lights that light up the Niagara Falls and gives it its rainbow colors at night emanate from the Canadian side of the Falls. Hence the rainbow is more visible from the Canadian side than from the American side of the Falls. Viewing the Niagara Falls Rainbow from the American side is similar to trying to see a TV screen from the side.

However, as regards the fun stuff, the American side of the Niagara Falls holds the aces. What could be more fun and breathtaking than being in the cave of winds? Standing on those wooden platforms directly underneath the gushing waters of the Falls. It’s just a hundred shades of crazy! As risky as it may seem, it is sure a fun part of the American side of the Niagara Falls to visit. A place for only the crazy-hearted.

This brings me to why I had wanted to stay overnight at the Niagara Falls even though I had had all the fun during the day. Well, I wanted to see what the Falls look like at night, in all that dazzling splendor of rainbow colors. I was told that I would have to wait until very late into the night before I could get to behold the spectacle of spectrum created by the Niagara Falls. Hence I had to make arrangements to stay overnight at Niagara Falls, and believe you me when I say it was worth the wait and vigil. It was certainly the same sight I had viewed during the day, but at night it was nothing short of pure magic; more like the magical moments created in Disney movies.

One of the events that made my night spectacular was the dance troupe performance by Native Americans, at the Smokin’ Joes Native Center. It seemed to be one of the new attractions added to the American side of the Niagara Falls, to jazz up the spirits of tourists. It was really fun watching them perform the “spirit of the mist” dance, with all hula hoops and all that kind of stuff.

Honolulu is the most populous and a capital city of Hawaii State. The city is located on Oahu Island in the Pacific Ocean and it is considered as the most remote city in the world due to reason that it doesn’t cooperate internationally, however, it’s the major and the largest city of Hawaii. Honolulu is the center of the state’s economy; tourism & recreation is the economically leading industry of Honolulu. Apart from the fact that 80% of Hawaii population is located in the state's capital, Honolulu, it is currently attracting several million tourists from all over the globe yearly. Honolulu is considered as the safest city in the world and a well-renowned tourist destination; the Pacific shorelines, parks, and the wilderness are the most wonderful locations in the city. The interesting fact about Honolulu city is that its tropical climate is moderate, the highest temperature lies in between 27-32°C (80-90° Fahrenheit) and the average low is 19-24°C (65-75° Fahrenheit), consequently, the ratio of the number of tourists remains constant throughout the year. Honolulu is bordered by the Pacific shorelines, resides a wide range of beaches. Tourist’s favorite activities in Honolulu are water sports including scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling and jet skiing. Planning a trip to this magnificent capital of Hawaii is a good idea by exploring its famous attractions visitors can have a never ending fun.

Top Attractions of Honolulu

 Ala Moana Beach Park
The park covers one hundred acres of land between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. The water is calm and it is a safe place for water sports because it’s secure by the exterior reef. However, the park is full of enjoyment; visitors can find a tennis court, picnic tables, movie pavilions, lifeguards and dine in areas. There are numerous things to do in Ala Moana Beach Park such as visitors can play all sorts of ball games, swimming, picnic, and BBQ. It is one of the most attractive and preferred beaches in Honolulu.

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay is located in the eastern Honolulu. It is an aquatic embayment shaped in a wide ring crater. Hanauma Bay is the most eye-catching place in the capital of Hawaii. It attracts over a three million tourists every year. Visitors can find the aquatic life in the clear water near the shorelines. The scenic sight of the place and the surrounding mountains are the most attractive things at this location and it’s one of the best tourist’s destinations in Honolulu.

Bishop Museum
Bishop Museum located in the Kalihi district of the capital is the largest science and history museum. The museum was founded by Charles Reed Bishop in the year 1898. Millions of spectacular historic specimen and native Polynesian art items are on every step of the museum. Bishop museum resides the third largest collection of insects and animals and it’s also best known for an educational center due to its unique and vast natural historic specimen. A gigantic sperm whale is preserved and displayed in the main hall of the Bishop Museum to entice the visitors.

Texas is one of the larger states that make up the USA. It is located in the southern region of the country and is home to some of the most beautiful, scientific and historical places and museums for tourists to visit. The state has lots of local tourists as well as it is regarded highly due to its rich history and role in the development of modern day United States.

Mesmerizing scenes of natural beauty are just one aspect of Texas and is unique in its own way. You can catch a glance at wonderful desert locations including Guadalupe Mountains National Park which is situated in the northern tip of Texas. This national park is a center for sightseeing and it is quite possible that you will get a chance to see the famous golden eagles of the region.

From the Guadalupe Mountains you can head straight to the Island called Padre which is the world’s largest barren undeveloped island to date. The seashore has a glistening bay and has quite a number of bird species for you to see. If you have a liking for birds and are interested in photographing them too then this island is a must visit for you.

Texas is known for its wilderness and its exotic flora and fauna and there is definitely no better place than the Big Bend National Park to experience it. You tread on foot and take a ride to the Big Bend National Park but there is also another option of reaching the park by boat through the river route just to add a bit more excitement.

You should also take time out to visit the Space Centre Houston. It is a must visit location as it marks the historic achievements feats of man in the field of technology and specifically space exploration. NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center also falls in the vicinity of space centre which adds value to the overall experience. You will get a chance to try in an astronaut’s suit and enjoy a simulator to feel how an astronaut feels in space.

If you are a fan President John Kennedy then you  must head to Dallas as well which was where the fatal shooting that killed President Kennedy took place. You can head to the exact location envision how things had happened. The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas has been established at the place from where the fatal shots were fired at Kennedy.

The Alamo is situated in eastern outskirts of San Antonio and is part of the cultural heritage and history of the state of Texas during the fierce wars that were fought during independence and the civil wars. Texas has rich history and the Alamo is just one of those locations where you get the feel of the rich history of the region.

Texas is a wonderful place to visit whether you are local or foreigner for it gives you something unique from the American culture to enjoy and cherish.

Seattle is a really exciting place, especially for tourists, it is a large city that has loads of things to offer its visitors and citizens. The city has a coastal port which is a really important part of the city, it is often referred to as “Emerald City” by most people. This is mainly because of the fact that there are many ever green trees in Seattle and that is what got it that name. Seattle is a really good place for tourism, it has many places which are liked by people and here you will find some places which need to be checked out when you visit Seattle.

Seattle International Film Festival
If you are a person who likes film festivals then you will have to visit the Seattle International Film Festival, it is undoubtedly the best and largest film festival. You will be really lucky if you are able to catch the Seattle International Film Festival because it is pure enjoyment, the festival runs for 34 straight days and shows a wide a range of films to the people there.

The Space Needle
If you talk about historic landmarks in Seattle then you just cannot ignore the Space Needle, the landmark was built as an honor and tribute to the World’s Fair in 1962. It is essentially a tall and unique tower, which is equipped with an observation deck, people can simply climb this deck and then just enjoy the surroundings. The Space Needle is the tallest structure in the West of the Mississippi River.

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
If you like museums then you will surely enjoy the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, the museum offers a large and wide collection of Natural History. Visitors are offered over 12 million artifacts and ancient relics to enjoy and see, other than this there are dinosaur remains, ancient gemstones and totem poles on display. If you are a history lover then you will surely enjoy this museum.

Seattle Underground Tour
The Seattle underground tour is something that is not something that is highly rated in the city, but it is something that can be enjoyed to a great extent. This tour basically takes the people underground into the basements and underground passages that are present underneath the busy streets of Seattle. The tour is exciting and becomes even more so when the tour guides explain all the things that had happened in those passages many years back, it feels like you are walking through history.

These are a few things that you should know about Seattle and the things that it has to offer, there are many places that you need to visit when you visit Seattle but these are some of the best and most popular ones. These places and sites will tell you all about Seattle and all the things that it has to offer and provide to its visitors and citizens.

I have lived in the UK for my entire life. I am now 40 years old and the only international visit I have ever had was to the United States of America. Although I have read a lot about the American lifestyle and the condition of politics there, but not having seen it personally, I didn’t know what to expect during my first visit.

Below is my account of experiences I gained from that one single trip that I made to the US a few months back. The trip started off with me having to visit Baltimore on a business conference. It was just a two day conference but what since I had flown to US for the very first time, I thought I should stay and tour the city and see a little more of Baltimore.

I won’t lie and tell you straight that I had a great time during my stay. It happened to be my first visit outside the UK and boy I was glad I came. Since I happen to be a quite person, I started off my trip by first visiting the Baltimore Museum of Art. I loved the sculpture garden there. It was peaceful and quiet and very green. What more can I nature lover like me ask. Yes, I have seen my fair share of historical museums in my own country as well but this was bliss. Loved it.

Being in Baltimore how could I miss the Holocaust Memorial, so my next trip took me to the memorial to see what it had to offer. The atmosphere was somber and it definitely moved my heart. I felt bad but had a good experience visiting the memorial and checking out what it had to offer.

On my third day I decided to book myself a guided tour of Baltimore so that I could experience the city in more detail. I was glad I was able to find a great company because they gave me a very comprehensive three day tour covering a lot of places I would have never had the chance to see on my own.

Although a UK resident, I have always loved baseball and I was glad our first tour stop was the Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Do you know it’s the classic home of the famous Baltimore baseball. I had a great time there.

The next stop was the USS Constellation, a historic military ship that offers audio tours as well. Then we went to the Jewish Museum of Maryland that exhibits interactive synagogue tours. Our tour guide also took us to Pratt Street Power Plant, the best spot I say. It is the most happening place in the entire Baltimore for dining, music and of course nightlife. A single male of 40, I had absolutely the best time at the clubs.

All in all, even though it was my first trip and even though I just got to visit Baltimore only, I had the best time in my life.

How will people travel in the year 2016? Where will these travelers go? How will they make they make their choices? Here are a few trends that talk about traveling in 2016. Let’s see what we’ve got in store.

  • People Will Seek New Experiences

Top travel trend for 2016 happens to the seeking of new experiences. People belonging to all age groups will want to travel to places where they haven’t been before, trying out new things and exploring new avenues while they travel. There are those who want to adventure travel while others would want to go on a cruise. In short everybody would want to try something they haven’t done so before.

  • Spending More On Luxury Vacations

According to a popular pole, travel trends for 2016 talk about people wanting to spend more on luxury vacations as compared to in the past. Totally busy lifestyle and pressurized schedules have convinced people that they deserve to spend well on themselves and therefore travelers around the world want to travel and spend more in 2016 than they have done so in the past and rising costs have nothing to do with this.

  • Seeking Out Destinations Based On Culture

Yes, no longer people want to travel because of exotic scenery. Consider that an icing on the cake because people in 2016 are choosing destinations based on their cultural values. According to the pole discussed above, TV tourism is on the rise and people are seeking to travel to destinations because they saw it on a TV show. Turkey takes the lead this year.

  • Connectivity Is The New Demand

People will seek to stay connected throughout their vacations. The truth is the demand for Wi-Fi has risen above the norm and people are seeking connectivity more than anything else. About 25% of the people said they required super fast Wi-Fi no matter where they went for a vacation.

  • No More Travel Selfies

One of the most astonishing trends for traveling in 2016 is the decrease in travel selfies. People are no longer interested in taking travel pictures but more interested in enjoying their trip. People are seeking to stay more and more away from their phones so that they can enjoy the scenery and experience the destination more authentically.

  • Experience All The Way

People are looking forward to experiencing everything and in a more detailed way than before. Hotels around the world are looking to attract customers by offering them experiential travel offers. The trend is on the boom and seems like its here to stay for the year.

  • Preference For Cheaper Airlines

People now prefer to reach their destination even if they get served with nickel and dime on the flight. People really just want to get where they are going for cheap and they don’t care what the airline is serving them. Preference for cheap flights is on the rise. No frill airlines are getting the most business around the world.

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in America, and one of the most laid back. Even though the civil war began here, today the slow southern drawl echoes and dental beginnings of this low-country gem. This article will highlight how Charleston works, the former English port city that still today identifies best with its historic areas. The coastal lands of South Carolina are called low-country lands because as far as an eye can see the terrain is completely flat. Charleston itself is on the peninsula facing south to a large harbor that leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

History & Culture:

A visit to Charleston is all about history and culture, for something uniquely Low-country go to the old City Market where vendors have swapped “where’s” for centuries.

Angel Oak is fifteen hundred years old and is it considered the oldest tree in the east of the Rockies. For museum experience the Patriot Point naval and maritime museum in Charleston harbor is one the largest naval and maritime museums in the world.

Several plantation estates such as the Drayton hall and the Middleton place plantations are open for tours to give visitors a glimpse into how Charleston’s culture evolved.

For true symbol of Charleston rainbow road is a series of private houses that were constructed in the mid-1700s and they’re all painted in different colors.

Charleston for music lovers:

Maybe Charleston is not known for its raging night-life but there are numerous places to hear a great jazz and enjoy some dancing. Music lovers will have several places to choose from, check out jazz at Atlantic Ville, Saxophone at Diana’s or bluegrass at Cumberland. You’ll also find a quality jazz bar at Satchmo and can enjoy live beach music at Banana Cabana.

Relaxing spots and golf courses:

With its laid-back atmosphere, Charleston is definitely a place to relax and unwind. Enjoy fishing and relaxing in sun at the Folly Beach County Park there’s four thousand feet of ocean frontage, a 600-foot beach and fishing pier on the six mile barrier island.

If golf is your game, you have about dozen gold courses to choose from in the Charleston area. Check out golf club at west implantation or the shadow moss gold course.

Food and Restaurants:

Charlestonians love their food for great dining, we recommend these mobile travel guide four star restaurants. Charleston Grill is an atmosphere with stained glass French doors, dark wood panel walls, marble floors vases filled with gorgeous floral arrangements. Peninsula Grill is a comfortably elegant restaurant with sophisticated feel of an urban eatery, without losing the sites of its southern charm and hospitality. The Ocean Room offers breathtaking views at the South Carolina coastline with a menu featuring new American fare with seafood focus.

As the human civilization is encroaching over the native rich-wildlife regions, there are only limited places left in America in order to see the nature habitats dwindle without the interference of humans.  Following are the fantastic spots for the fellow adventurers to see the world how exactly the Mother Nature envisioned, in addition, they will have practical education at these unique places.

Cataloochee Valley, Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

On the eastern edge of Great Smoky Mountains national park, rucked among the mountains of North Carolina, is a place called Catalooche. A windy bumpy drive from I-40, nearby Maggie valley and Waynesville. This is one of the hidden gems that the park has to offer, the valley is home to more than 200 distinctive and endangered species of birds, and some quite impressive varieties of mammals. The valley is home to more than 30 salamander species, which makes the only place in the world to inhabit such variety of critters. Bumping into white deer is quite common in the valley, also, beware of the black bears since the park holds more than 1500 black bears.

Everglades National Park, Florida.

There is lot that is hot down in Southern Florida, where you can find amazing numbers of plants and animals. Living Large is what is the park is all about, think about a size of a typical suburban yard there is enough room in Everglades Park to fit 6 million of them. Sizing up this so called river of grass might require some Air Recon. One of the must-do in everglades is hoping into an ultra-light over the ten thousand islands sections of the park on the Gold Coast. The combination swap wetland and oversize lake below your feet, stretching from horizon to horizon with seven hundred species of animals, this is one massive combination platter of life that inhabits the land, the water and the air.

Channel Islands National Park.

Charles Darwin had to sale all the way to Galapagos to find an island sanctuary crawling with unique creatures. Yet, a few miles off the coast of southern California, there is a chain of islands that are often called the American Galapagos. Channel Islands National Park and marine sanctuary, reaching at the island means a boat, a plane or 20 miles swim from the coast. Only about 250,000 visitors per year, probably because of the difficulty to reach the chain of islands.

If you come in between June and October, you can catch the glimpse of blue whale, the largest animal ever lived. 27 species of whale passes by the park, almost all of the whale species can be found here. The most visible inhabitants of Channel Islands are only part-time residents. Sea lions and Seals are hereby in amount of tons. There are over 5,000 northern fur seals, 50,000 northern elephant seals, and over 70,000 sea lions, all of which constitute one of the largest congregations of wildlife on earth.

In the off skirts of Marin County, there lays a station hidden just an hour drive from San Francisco, known as Point Reyes. It has served as a must-stopping-point for the adventure seeking travelers, looking for some thrill or simply to relax at the seashore of California. The Point Reyes attracts a good number of people throughout the year, all come by for some kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, or nature hikes on the mountains. Point Reyes is complete package of all the summer activities, from bicycling to lying in the sun on white sands of California.

Following are must-have adventures at Point Reyes:

Take a Hike at Mount Whittenburg:

The famous Mount Whittenburg/Sky Trail hike consists of a 4.3 mile loop trail which starts at the Sky Trail parking area right on the Limantour Road, just a 10 minute drive from the visitor center of Bear Valley. Star from the trailhead, and hike all the way to the Horse trail. Keep in mind to follow the Horse trail to the Z Ranch trail and turn right at the end. The Z Ranch trail actually takes you to the summit of Mount Whittenburg. Keep going to the junction of Sky & Meadow Trails and head north on Sky Trail and return back to the trailhead, where you started. This circuitous route will give you the opportunity to enjoy amazing vistas of the ocean, meadows and redwoods. As always, take plenty of water with you and wear robust shoes.

Make a day-trip to Tomales Bay:

Tomales bay, located 30 miles from San Francisco along the scenic highway 1, Tomales bay stretches 15 miles from Bodega bay to Point Reyes station. Tomales bay features weathering dairy farms, resting oyster stands, and charming waterfront inns. Nick cove’s nineteen thirties cottages that’s has quickly become one of San Francisco’s hottest weekends escape. Make a quick-stop there and get ready to tour the bay.

There are lot of ways to see the Tomales bay, you can hop into a fishing boat, go on a kayaking tour of the bay, or cycle down the highway way 1. While you are there, you shouldn’t miss the Hog Island Oyster Co, where you can shuck and smoke your own oysters along the waterfront.

One of the best spots to explore is the Cowgirl Creamery shop in Point Reyes Station, housed in a restored barn below the bay, Cowgirl Creamery is celebrated for its artisan cheeses, which are served in top restaurants throughout the day. If you come down the shop in Friday, you can actually have a tour of the place, watch the experts making different kinds of cheese right in front of you. At the sunset, head back to the highway 1 in order to have mesmerizing scenic drive in the whole America.